It’s summer and the Yet Records team knows it !!

That is why he presents you this hit for the dance floor, «I’m meeting You» by Fernando Campo from Spain, a minimal house track with a very special and elegant groove, the synths surround you and the vocal is so sexy and sublime that you will fall in love, what you are listening to is undoubtedly one of the pieces of the year.

In the second track we find «Funk», a track much more underground but also in the minimal line, perfect for the first hour of the night when you need to start dancing, the bass line and the percussive elements will make you vibrate. , the vowel will do the rest, voilà! You have already started dancing.

Of course «I’m Meeting You» will make you remember summer 2021.

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With their last two releases positioned in the charts, Yet Records returns to the charge!!

It’s the turn of Sascha Sonido, originally from Germany, Sascha presents “Astral”, a minimal track with a timeless sound of those that last over time, the bass surrounds you and the melodies hypnotize you along with voices that whisper to you that, you are not dreaming, what you are hearing is «Astral». In the remix we have Frink from the Balearic Islands, now we can feel a faster rhythm and with a lot of groove, the stops make you feel an incredible suspense and when you least expect it, you are dancing again without stopping, a marvel.

Without a doubt, ASTRAL must be in your suitcase.

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La cuarta referencia de Yet Records en 2021 está aquí. De la mano de uno de los mejores productores de República Dominicana y amigo de la casa «Lui Flores» llega «GRAPE» un track Minimal Deep super místico y elegante con un groove que te inunda y una melodía que te hace flotar sobre la línea de bajo. . En el remix «DJ Fronter» quien no necesita presentación, originario de Colombia que ha fichado por sellos como Hot Creations o Stereo Productions, le ha dado un giro al track ofreciendo más protagonismo a las voces y añadiendo ingredientes Tech en el groove creando una pieza exquisita. Pura energia. En definitiva, GRAPE es una pieza que no puede faltar en tu selección.

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Yet Records continue their run of fine form in 2021 welcoming Luciano Garrido aka Ciano Rid with his track ’Never’. Franky Rizardo is also on hand to supply a stellar rework. The original kicks off proceedings with a rich tech groove and hints of a minimal backbone before a quirky vocal enters providing an essential bit of soul. It all combines to form a pure peak time house roller that carries you deeper into the Dancefloor.

Franky Rizardo’s takes it one deeper with throbbing bass lines and echoing synth pads, locking around groove filled percussion. The vocal takes centre stage throughout the breaks once again, providing the perfect tension before Franky’s classic house sound fills the room.

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The mind behind Yet! Records, Spain’s Sergio Parrado turns 25 years in the industry and he’s celebrating with “Back too late” which has a powerful remix done by the master  Mihai Popoviciu.

The original track which was produced during quarantine period, is a tribute to the big influences of Sergio through all his career. “Back too late” creates an exquisite balance between progressive house and deep house, its powerful bass, spatial synths and strong percussions along a vocal line makes this song probably one of the best works of his career. In the other hand Mr. Mihai Popoviciu takes it to his field preserving the original one but giving it his particular vision and making it more deep.

In summary, “Back too late” is a timeless maxi that will make that artists find something else that a simple beat and break.

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Yet Records introduces another of his team members.

Nothing more and nothing less than Lucien Le Grub with his single «Timewarp», full of groove and with a start full of suspense, Timewarp is mutating as the minutes go by taking you to total climax at its peak with the melody running through your brain, undoubtedly an essential within the Minimal of quality.

On side B, a brutal remix by a regular on labels like Hot Creations or Relief, and that is that Adapter guides the track to the purest tech house to which it accustoms us with two elegant uploads to make a difference and bristle your beauty.

Yet Records has done it again !!

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Yet Records presents ASTEROIDS! A series of releases where you can find true gems that deserve to shine as if they were stars! On side A As the first cut «Fitametrica» ​​by Lauhaus & Mario Franca, a track with a lot of groove and Old School sounds, it will transport you to the beginnings of the House movement. As a second cut «Suitcase» by Mesquitas & Jay Escola, pure TECH full of power, with this track you can blow up the dance floor, the vocals add a touch incredible elegance, without a doubt an essential track in your «suitcase» haha. On the B side As the first cut «Melloow» by Aday Chinea, perfect to start dancing and warm up, minimal deep of great quality, you can walk along its bass line, after that, you will not be able to stop. As the second cut «Making House» by Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona, the hottest asteroid of the release, you can feel like you are already immersed in the journey, the dance floor is already full, the set is already at the top, you cant stop, your head is going to explode, then this bomb sounds and you just smile … Enjoy this shower of Asteroids, oops … rather, of sounds. YET!

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