Born in Santo Domingo, always obsessed with music from early age, has been gripped by his passion, electronic music. Listening and soaking up on the genre. Studying it’s most important artist, becoming a performer that has been recognized World Wide by some of the best labels and Dj’s who have both supported and published his work.It was not long until it became very common to find him playing at the underground scene clubs and bars at the Dominican Republic, he famously create an elegant, stylish and very danceable sets.It has gradually been gaining and increasing respect for a wide range of DJs from around the world. Not surprisingly his style navigate through all levels of the House, Tech-House and at times a bit further with Dub-Techno rhythms.Collaborating in the studigo with artists as Toni Rios, Samuel L. Session, Franco Bianco, Jose M & TacoMan, Miguel Bastida, Andres Campo, Alberto Ruiz, Agent!, Mobius Strum, Dani Sbert among others.Founder of Phantom Deck Records, label that produces legendary tracks from House, Deep, Tech-House and Melodic Techno always at the forefront of the Underground. He is also a colaborates with labels like HSO, Stickrecording, Monique Music, Baseware, Darek, Dark and Sonouros, The Room, ONOFF Recordings and Nosso. While remaining active in the sudio.Lui- in a race without shortcuts, walking step by step with determination, firmly believing in every moves he makes putting all his passion in the music path. On the dance floor he delights us with smart and marked rhythms that leave no one indifferent.