Ismael Rivas one of the banners of the Spanish electronic scene joins the Yet! Family Records with two tracks, one of them in collaboration with the master Bias.

The first cut "Plaster" in collaboration with Bias is a timeless hit, pads in crescendo, African percussions and an arpeggio that gets into your mind that does not stop rising which culminates after the break in a spectacular way.

The second cut "Pandora's Box" is progressive house direct to your cerebral cortex. The bass is the protagonist which blends perfectly with all the sound elements of the track making it a key piece for your sets.

Undoubtedly another reference of 10 for a year of transition where music is our great ally.

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Scan Mode is welcome to Yet! Records.

He presents "Nighty", a track in which you can go deeper and deeper in the dance floor and fly through and infinite break until you reach the drop where the bass blows your mind.

Enjoy it!!

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Helmut Dubnitzky & Jackspot are the protagonists of this first reference of the new cycle in Yet! Records.

They are in charge of signing the number 17. "Introvert” which is a progressive track that navigates between deep and minimal in equal parts but without neglecting the dance floor. Its perfect combination of synths and its careful production makes it perfect for those first hours.

This time on the remix, we have a super hero of Deep, Mr. Markus Homm, who transforms "Introvert" in an exquisite dance piece, where without neglecting the atmosphere of the original, he prints its particular magic, making it a masterful work of art which we are sure we will dance many times.

“Introvert” is a complete, solid and balanced maxi ready to burst the dance floors.

So look no further, here is your hit of the month!

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After a 2019 full of success, Yet! Records remains unstoppable with a standout first release of the new decade from frequent collaborators Sergio Parrado & Chinonegro feat. Yaccelil. 'Eternal Flow' is already set to be one of the anthems of 2020.

Veteran pair Sergio Parrado (who is YET'sl A&R) & Chinonegro return to their home label after plenty of big outings on the likes of elrow and Time Has Changed, and they do so in fine fashion. This time, they call upon the vocals of Yaccelil, who became known for her collaboration with Nick Curly on 8Bit hit 'Perpetuo'.

The single is full of excitement, magic and creativity with a simple but effective bassline that fits perfectly with all the main elements of the track. The first mini break gets you going before the main musical journey gets underway with the sweet voice of Yaccelil and lush synths combining to strong emotional effect. Add in a loopy and percussive synth and you have a trip towards real dance floor ecstasy.

The excellent 'Eternal Flow' is a timeless track that mixes the old with the new and brings a real sense of dance floor dynamism that is sure to get dropped time and time again throughout 2020.

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Once more the DJs and producers Lauhaus and Mario Franca join their talents to create a new EP that this time will be released on the transatlantic recording platform YET! Records.

Lauhaus, from Amsterdam, has a career that goes back  for more than two decades, the time during which he has consecrated himself as one of the key electronic figures in the Dutch scene. His characteristic sound that moves in a fine line between house and techno with a strong underground character has contributed to this. Sushitech, Cocoon, Viva, Rejected, Circus Company and MFD are just some of the labels that have released his productions.

Mario Franca also has more than two decades of professional experience under his belt during which he has developed a wide and rich sound that oscillates between deep house, house, minimal tech and tech house. On top of this, the Portuguese artist always has his ears and eyes on  the most avantgarde sound which allows him to experiment.. My Little Dog, Great Stuff Records, New Breed and Save Room Recordings are just some of the labels that have released his productions.

Now, Lauhaus & Mario Franca have  joined forces to create “Deep Breath”. An EP formed by two tracks, one original mix and one remix by Jee Bear. The original track named “Deep Breath” emits its own life since the first instant. Its rhythm captivates with charm and elegance and it sees itself skillfully complemented by a wide range of elements that are added through its development. Jee Bear opts to take the track to stronger and darker places, leaving his characteristic trademark.

“Deep Breath” will be available vía YET! Records from the 9th of December.

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