Yet Records introduces another of his team members.

Nothing more and nothing less than Lucien Le Grub with his single «Timewarp», full of groove and with a start full of suspense, Timewarp is mutating as the minutes go by taking you to total climax at its peak with the melody running through your brain, undoubtedly an essential within the Minimal of quality.

On side B, a brutal remix by a regular on labels like Hot Creations or Relief, and that is that Adapter guides the track to the purest tech house to which it accustoms us with two elegant uploads to make a difference and bristle your beauty.

Yet Records has done it again !!

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Yet Records presents ASTEROIDS! A series of releases where you can find true gems that deserve to shine as if they were stars! On side A As the first cut «Fitametrica» ​​by Lauhaus & Mario Franca, a track with a lot of groove and Old School sounds, it will transport you to the beginnings of the House movement. As a second cut «Suitcase» by Mesquitas & Jay Escola, pure TECH full of power, with this track you can blow up the dance floor, the vocals add a touch incredible elegance, without a doubt an essential track in your «suitcase» haha. On the B side As the first cut «Melloow» by Aday Chinea, perfect to start dancing and warm up, minimal deep of great quality, you can walk along its bass line, after that, you will not be able to stop. As the second cut «Making House» by Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona, the hottest asteroid of the release, you can feel like you are already immersed in the journey, the dance floor is already full, the set is already at the top, you cant stop, your head is going to explode, then this bomb sounds and you just smile … Enjoy this shower of Asteroids, oops … rather, of sounds. YET!

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