Yet Records presents from the Netherlands the summer release ‘Birds’ by Relativ (NL).

On side A we find the cut that gives its name to the maxi, ‘Birds’ subtle in the low frequencies and with a sensual vocal, the entire track revolves around the songs of the birds.

On side B we have ‘Reality’, a track with a house essence thanks to such a beautiful vocal and an exquisite groove that without a doubt is postulated as one of the tracks in this catalog and possibly this season.

Also on side B, as a bonus track, a remix of ‘Birds’ by the Dutch V.I.O, continuous questions and answers in a sublime groove where there is room for multiple effects, perfect for an already hot dance floor.

Without a doubt, one of the best releases of 2023 and one that will surely give people something to talk about this summer on the white island, Ibiza!


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With releases on labels such as: All I Want, Avotre, Great Stuff or TBX, we welcome Çesc to Yet Records, one of the names in Minimal / Deep Tech right now.

As the first cut ‘Clarence’ with an overwhelming bass line and a super happy groove, this track enters you and practically forces you to move, a delight.

The second cut ‘Relaxing Voice’ puts a pause on the maxi, but not to lower the level, far from it, since it is a super elegant track with a beautiful vocal transition that makes anyone transcend.

In short, this maxi should be played at the club!!


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Sergio Parrado and Jee Bear, owners of Yet Records, join Sergio Bennett (Label Manager, A&R) and Lucien Le Grub (Designer, A&R) from the label to introduce us to the formation ‘COOL KIDS’.

This project has been maturing since the label’s formation five years ago and now, coinciding with this anniversary, is when they bring it to life with a new and mature sound whose objective is enjoyment and joy on the dance floor. The group does not seek to discover a new sound, but to experiment to the maximum to bring a ‘COOL’ and fun sound to the dance floor in the form of minimal / deep tech, while navigating through the sounds that marked the careers of each one of them, which range from the purest deep in Detroit to the most classic house in Chicago.

Their first release called ‘EXPEDITION’ comes out of nowhere, on the house of the four artists, Yet Records. A track that may not be the hit of the summer, but a track that will be timeless and will be in your musical selection for a long time, and it has all the elements for it, a good groove in crescendo full of games and nuances, a powerful bass that makes you not stop moving, some synths that take you on a trip and a voice that melts and flows with everything to hatch after the break.

In short: ‘EXPEDITION’ aims to become one of those tracks that you keep playing or listening to over the years and remember that ‘COOL’ summer 🙂


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YORY returns to Yet Records for our reference 43, for which he presents us with two very serious tracks with which he consolidates himself as a crew member of our ship.

On side A, ‘Morning Stamp’ a track made from pure club feeling, the hypnotic vocal takes you on a journey through the bassline and warms you up quickly, perfect to start the night.

On side B, ‘Impulsa’ follows the line of the maxi, but this time with a female vocal, the way he vibrates with the stabs and the groove has no equal, the drop is wonderful.

In short, with this maxi, YORY has shown us a version of himself in the most subtle and professional studio, thanks friend!


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2023 begins, and at Yet Records we are coming strong for this new year, our first release is called ‘Grinder’ by Beatly, and it is pure fire!!!

The main theme ‘Grinder’ is characterized by a very peculiar snare with a house touch and a very groover bass line, the stabs announce the arrival of the kick at each stop, quality.

The second cut is called ‘Piany’ and it has a strength worthy of the gods, the groove penetrates you and makes you dance non-stop, with touches of Chicago, this track is one of the most complete in our catalogue, the backgrounds are wonderful and the guitar stab is too much, very good job.

This is Yet Records and this is how we present ourselves for the new year, we want to see you dance like crazy!!


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Yet Records presents ASTEROIDS Vol. 3! A series of releases where you can find true jewels that deserve to shine like stars!

As the first cut «Back» by BOVe (AR), a track with a lot of groove and a very powerful kick as the first course on the menu, «Back» has everything Yet Records wants from a track, stabs, vocals, touches of melody and house essence!

As the second track on side A, «Want Me» by Danny (AT), already well known in the house, a very underground track with an exotic vocal and a very forceful bassline, a very serious piece.

It is the turn of YORY, another one of the house, from Bulgaria he brings us «Recognize You» a deep tech piece characterized by a vocal so beautiful that it makes you dream and the strength of its deep frequencies, class!

And as the last cut of the sampler, we welcome RA.MA who presents us with «Neiron» a very deeper track, its stabs play in the background behind a very elegant bassline and next to the vocal that marks the time of the track, minimal house very top!!

Enjoy this shower of asteroids, oops…rather, of sounds.


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Yet Records brings Julian Millan back home for Christmas, ‘Illumination’ is the name of his new maxi that includes two supreme cuts with which you will dance until you drop.

On side A, ‘Illumination’, the track that gives the release its name, a mixture of sounds that go in and out progressively along with a huge drop that makes the alarms explode, this cut is wonderful, melody parallel to the bass and stabs full of shine with very groovy rhythms, top!

On the B side, ‘Ceder’, a cut that continues in the progressive line that Julian has accustomed us to, but this time a more underground point, forceful kick and bassline together with a sexy vocal and melodies that take you deeper into the paradise, white noise does an amazing job on transitions.

This maxi is undoubtedly a bomb that you must have, what are you waiting for?


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Yet Records presents. ‘Reminisce’ by Javier De Baraja with Maria Estrella, a very special work of a spectacular quality, out of the usual in our catalog. First, the original track, with a very clean sound and a progression that undoubtedly makes you travel through the whispers of Maria’s voice and the synthesizer, a masterpiece worthy of the best ears. In the Remix, ‘Buruntuma’, one of the artists of the moment in the genres afro House and amapiano, it reminds a more groovy track but without losing the deep essence of the original and maintaining his identity as a producer, amazing!! If you love electronic music, you must have this maxi in your collection.


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The bosses are back, Sergio Parrado and Jee Bear present us ‘Lua’, a super maxi with a remix by Markus Homm for our reference number 39.

In the first place, the original track, ‘Lua’ with a bass line doing the conductor work to perfection and a very fun groove culminating with very subtle vocals and pads, a very elegant and explosive track for the dancefloor.

In the remix, ‘Markus Homm’, already from the house, offers us a more spatial version of ‘Lua’, where you can find a catchy melody that catches you and takes you to the break without you realizing it, the bass line change and blends perfectly with the melody, without a doubt a great version of ‘Lua’ Markus is always synonymous with quality!

Once again, Yet Records offering 100% quality.


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Yet Records presents, ‘Speedster’ by Julian Cabral aka ÖRAK, his new release for this summer full of energy and good music.

In the first place, the main track, ‘Speedster’, a whirlwind of quality sounds driven by a forceful bass line accompanied by a very soft vocal, in the break the modulated acid synth generates wonderful expectations that are fulfilled while breaking .

As a second cut Julian brings us, ‘Sunset Light’, no less powerful than ‘Speedster’, the bass line is identical, but a little more serious and the pads vibrate until the beautiful vocal, this time noticeable, surprises you and leads to the highest point.

A fantastic job that you must have among your favorites, once again, Yet!!


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‘Clear Mind’ is the new release from Yet Records, by the hand of Augusto Gagliardi and Aske Izan from Argentina, a two-track maxi with overwhelming quality! In the first cut ‘Clear Mind’ the main track of the release, refined deep house with oscillating synths and a rhythmic base with catchy percussions that lead you to paradise. As the b-side of ‘Clear Sound’, a more minimal cut, we continue to hear a rhythmic base based on percussion, but this time with stabs rich in groove and an overwhelming break, wonderful. Definitely a unique piece!


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Yet Records returns after the second edition of its Meet festival in the Dominican Republic, with a super release by Colombians TacoMan and Raized. In the first cut the boys present us with «Callostro», the track that gives its name to the release and that with its minimal bass line and soft pads take us to another dimension, the fxs and stabs are very elegant, the spectacular vocal, impossible not to dance to the rhythm of this hit. As a second cut you can find «Serotonin», a track with much more punch, the energy is brutal, the introduction of the sounds progressively makes it exquisite to listen to, both at home and in the club. This release cannot be missing from your selection from now on!!


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Yet Records brings us Helmut Dubnitzky back with his maxi single «Let The Freaks»!!

In the original cut we have a minimalist track with a soft base and continuous melodies that go up and down to make you fall into the trap. Helmut knows very well what he must do to get inside you, he is a master.

In the remix, Marco Resmann presents us with a super avant-garde version with a very serious and underground base accompanied by an impressive melody that leaves you completely speechless, all of it enhanced by the multiple automations and mystical effects. Perfect!

One of the best releases of the third catalog without a doubt!!


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