To understand the development of electronic music in Spain, one of the names that can come to your mind is Sergio Parrado, with 21 years of experience he has become a classic inside this ambience living between Spain and Mexico.

He started his career in the mythical club “Camarote” in the late of 1990’s and this allowed him to enter in the competitive spanish market. In 2000 he opened his own club named “Conga” with tech-house beats and he has the opportunity to invite artists like Dylan Drazen , Steve Bicknell , Hector Sandoval (Exium),Dani Casarano. . . In there he would initiate a labor relationship that made him travel to Chile, where he would change his whole vision and start working with more organic sounds, it was born the “micro-house”.

Currently he is writing for DJ MAG SPAIN (“Focus On” and “Around the World”) where he talks about labels, their music and the artists that have been there.

As DJ he has traveled many countries and clubs as Germany , France, Switzerland ,Belgium, Italy , Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Usa, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, Mexico… among other places.

As a producer we can mention him in labels like Bedrock, Lapsus, Trapez, Kinetika, Brise . . .and beside that he manage his own label (My Little Dog) for almost a decade.

We highlight the connection he was with his audience, the exquisite selection and the technique to always transmit positivity and good energy on the dancefloor.