Yet Records presents. Rainy Day by YORY!

A maxi single with two impressive cuts to get on the rocket with us:

On the A-side we find «Rainy Day» a track with a very forceful and underground base accompanied by a very serious rhythm and with a very subtle vocal that makes this track unique.

On the B-side, however, YORY shows us how elegant her minimal productions are with «She Needs Help», a cut full of groove with beautiful melodies, a perfect vocal for the occasion and a very crazy and catchy bass line.

You will definitely need to have this maxi single in your collection.


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In Yet Records we are premiering because we launched our third catalog!!

For the first reference we received back to Ciano Rid & Luciano Garrido, who after the success of his Maxi «Never» with remix from Franky Rizardo, brings us «En la Tranquilidad del Ocaso» his new work accompanied by a remix from Daniel Sanchez.

In the original cut you will be able to enjoy a bass line super warm accompanied by super crunchy percussions and a very happy progressive melody that will make you take off on the rise thanks to the effects applied.

On the part of Daniel Sanchez in the Remix, we find a more intense and deep progressive pace accompanied by a wonderful groove and maintaining the melody so fun, a great interpretation of the original.

Undoubtedly, a spectacular start of the new season !!

Enjoy it!

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Yet Records presents ASTEROIDS Vol. 2!

A series of releases where you can find true jewels that deserve to shine like stars!

On the A side «Be Good» by Project 37 (UK), a song with a lot of groove and a very sexy vocal, 100% London Minimal House sound, perfect for underground clubs, high quality!

As the second track «Motivation» by Carlos Barbero & Gerard R from Panama, a melodic technical sound full of subtleties, with this song you can fly without even realizing it, wonderful.

On the B side as the first cut «Only You» by Klazer, perfect to start dancing and warming up, high quality Minimal House from Argentina, its bass line will make your feet unable to stop, a true madness.

As the second and last cut from France «No More» by Alex Nevil & Dimitri Rossi, the hottest asteroid of the release, House Music of supreme quality, the dance floor is already full, the set is nearing its end, no you can stop, your head is going to explode, then this jewel sounds and you just close your eyes and let yourself go …

Enjoy this shower of asteroids, oops … rather, of sounds. YET!

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Yet Records presents «Foreplay» by Vidaloca, as the last release of its second catalog, an exotic piece to close this stage. A beginning of film to give intro to the original cut, makes that from the first second you can already taste its quality, very elegant and subtle, with an incredible vocal throughout its journey, and a pad that generates an overwhelming suspense, Minimal Deep energetic worthy of the best clubs. Javier De Baraja delights us with the remix, a melodic and progressive version with a bass of long notes and continuous suspense that keeps you in tension from beginning to end, the vocal takes over all the power of the track and together with the lead it is impossible not to feel tingling in your body, a masterpiece. Without a doubt, cutting edge electronics for your ears !! ENJOY IT!

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After announcing Meet Festival 2022, Yet Records brings us “Korazar” from the hand of Julian Millan, a release that will make you fall in love.

The original cut is very elegant and subtle, its elements gradually enter while your hairs stand on end, until you reach a break that will make you reach the climax, super powerful tech house with an impressive bass line and magical melodies.

In the remix, a veteran of the scene, Danny Serrano, a regular on labels like Desolat, Knee Deep In Sound or Save Music, brings us a slightly more forceful version at the base, where his 100% style, stabs and deeper effects and a vocal accompanied by a beautiful piano melody, make this track a piece that cannot be missing from your selection.

Once again, Yet Records working to offer quality to the underground scene !!


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‘From Santiago de Chile comes «Aurora», the new release of Yet Records!

In the original cut, Marco Latrach and Dorian Chavez in collaboration have created a very underground timeless track with an industrial touch thanks to the stabs and the forceful kick.

In the remix, Andre Butano and Demian Muller have opted for a very special ingredient, the groove, making Aurora a more pistero track thanks to the bassline to a great extent, in this way you can choose either of the two cuts depending on the moment.

Aurora! you are going to dance it over and over again!

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Sergio Bennett and Jorhav join forces with «Vibes» in the new Yet Records reference! The Spanish Peruvian duo presents us as the main track «Vibes», a track with a brutal energy capable of breaking the dance floor with its continuous stops and rises accompanied by a sublime vocal.

In the second track we have «You Know It», a slower but elegant track, with some very subtle stabs and a very sweet vocal. You will vibrate on the bass line and the tension of the string until reaching the climax at its main stop, perfect for a good warm up! A single that you will undoubtedly use in your playlists.

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