The fourteenth release from YET Records is a big new tune from Mesquitas & Danny, who have been working together for a year and are finally ready to unveil

their first record together.

Mesquitas has held residencies around Holland as well as serving up tunes played by the likes of Loco Dice and Marco Carola, while Danny makes music for the body and soul while playing around Europe. Their colourful backgrounds

both shine through in this slick new single.

The excellent ‘Jack’ manages to be both perfectly functional but also filled with musical charisma. The synth design is smooth and futuristic and they stretch out around a stripped back but infectious drum line. When the whole thing kicks, a warmth rushes over you and gets you in the groove.

Dresden pair Raumakustik have hit the top of the Beatport charts with their big tech house tunes and have been snapped up by Hot Creations as a result. Their remix here is a subtle one that adds a little drive and some vocal stabs, but retains the late night soul of the original.

This is a superb introduction for this great new duo on YET Records.

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To talk about Ortis & Khaan is to talk about two of the most important artists of the actual electronic scene of the german city Cologne. Ortis is one of the most versatile artists of his generation. His priority is the music so that is why he is meticulous when developing rhythms and sound designs. The skills of this artist have taken him to release on labels like Yoruba Groove Records, Avotre, Konzept Musik and Hive Audio. Of Turkish descent, on his side, he is one of the leaders of the local scene. Owner of an underground techno style, house tech and house, there is no dance floor in the world able to resist to his charms.The same happens with his productions; Brise, WOW! Recs or Desolat are just some of the labels that have had him. Now, the time has come for this pair to make their debut in YET! Records. The name of this new EP is called “Rhadoon” and is formed of two originals cuts and a remix from Alexi Delano. The track “Diggin” has this inspiring vocals with an attractive nature. A combination that endows this theme with a suggestive character. In the other hand, we have “Rhadoon” which prefers to opt for an ethereal and even mystical atmosphere of some spatial reminiscence. Alexi Delano takes this last track and shapes it, giving the song this intensity with the vocals that gain a greater presence. “Rhadoon” of Ortis & Khaan will be available on Yet! Records on October 14. 

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“Luv Story” is the title of this new EP, which has a remix by Timid Boy and another one by Sergio Bennett and will be released on Monday 12th of August.

The Portuguese artist Gonçalo, currently settled in Ibiza, has a prolific career both as a DJ and as a producer. The best evidence of this is his excellent 2019. A year in which he gave more than 70 performances among which are included Dreambeach Chile, elrow Cancun and WAN Festival. A very busy schedule to which we have also to add his releases on Tronic, Stereo and Deeperfect. Reasons that justify why the prestigious agency ANALOG has announced the incorporation of Gonçalo to its roster.

Now, even when he is immersed in the celebration of “20 Years Raving” (his commemorative tour of 10 dates honoring his 20º anniversary in the industry), Gonçalo has had time to lock himself in the studio again. The result is “Luv Story”, an EP with which the transatlantic platform YET Records welcomes him to their family. The release has three parts, the original and homonymous track, and two remixes, the first one by Timid Boy and the second by Sergio Bennett. The original track is a perfect sample of what Gonçalo is capable of, an infallible technique, unbeatable rhythms and unavoidable sound journey. Our advice? Be ready because you won’t be able to stop moving.

Timid Boy takes over deciding to focus almost completely on the percussion creating a very rhythmic and direct track whose slow development allows the coherent and contained incorporation of elements. Sergio Bennett on his side takes over in a calmer way, taking the track to his field, a space in which the vocals abound and the character is atmospheric, we can even say oniric by the subtle sequences of little birds.

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The eleventh reference is signed by Sascha Dive, a regular artist of the house which present us “Ritual Tribe”, a cut with a Detroit sound. It is definitely a powerful set of basses and an impecable set of synths that build this masterpiece ready to smash the dance floor this summer. On the other hand we have the Canadian Kenny Glasgow who gives more groove to the remix, using the bass as the main part. Without a doubt this is another great EP from YET! Records. 

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Christian Burkhardt & Daniel Roth continue their fruitful collaboration with a pair of fresh new cuts on YET, whilst a remix from Mathias Kaden helps make this, the label’s 10th release, a brilliant one.

This pair have worked together many times before on labels like Do Not Sleep, Leftroom and Cachai. They always cook up fresh new minimal house sounds that are expertly produced and mix dancefloor clout with plenty of cinematic sound design.

Opener ‘Wrong Bed’ is a high-pressure minimal tech cut with underlapping drums that lift you off your feet. Burrowing pads and a funky, knotted, old school bassline all emphasise the groove and make this pure dancing material of the highest order.

Remixing is Vakant man and long-time underground mainstay Mathias Kaden, who skillfully flips it into something slippery and subtle, dynamic and driving. This is mind melting minimal for the late-night hours and brims with deft little details.

The other original is ‘KehrHaus’, a track that scurries along on restless, pared back drums with freaky vocals and edgy pads all underlined by a warped, wonky bassline. For the cosy clubs and heady crowds, it’s another standout cut that the likes of Villalobos are sure to hammer.

These are three hugely effective, but importantly also characterful cuts, and round out a first ten releases on YET in style.

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The new release of the transatlantic platform is signed by the dominican artist Jee Bear with a remix by Shaun Reeves

Jee Bear’s career on the music industry extends several decades ago but it wasn’t until 2011 when he started his path as DJ, attracted by different genres like Disco or House. It is true that this Dominican artist has managed to carve his own gap on the international electronic scene due to his admirable versatility. Now, the owner of Tanama Records repeats with the transatlantic platform YET! Records signing its ninth reference.

This new EP titled “Driver” is formed of two cuts. On one hand, the original and homonymous track created by Jee Bear. A progressive construction track in which the basis is a relentless rhythm adding alternative elements in layers that contribute to its gradual complexity. One fully connected structure in which it is appreciated the the break moments punctually.

On the other hand we have the remix by Shaun Reeves.The renowned Dj, producer, founder and owner of Visionquest is in charge of giving the theme a darker aura which brings in turn a more peaceful nature, highlighting the subtle and fine-drawn vocals.

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Following the line of big releases, Yet! brings us for its eighth reference the techno master of the city of Stuttgart, Helmut Dubnitzky with two exquisite Deep Tech cuts. «Ai Jap» is the name of the EP and also is the first cut, in which Helmut immerses in a deep sound where the bass line is the lead and a playful synth mutates progressively while the voices merge with the knock of the beat, making Ai Japan exquisiteness for the dance floor. The second cut is «Strange Things» and keeps the same line, showing us a more techno side where we can hear a live repetitive synth that accompanies in a sublime way the groove. To end the EP we will found a remix of the Belgian Igor Vicente, where we can usually find him in labels such as Hot Creations, Get Physical or Avotre. For this occasion, Igor mutate his habitual sound and converts Ai Jap into a piece of almost nine minutes without leaving aside the original personality, it provides a more dynamic and playful groove.

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