Yet! Records continue to set high standards with a sublime seventh release, this time from Adapter with remixes from Hector Couto and Lucien Le Grub.

Adapter is an Italian producer with a big tech house sound. Desolat, Get Physical and Snatch! Records have all come calling for his electrifying beats and his speedy, continued rise has been boosted with big support from the likes of Marco Carola and The Martinez Brothers. Here he cooks up a real storm with two arresting new jams.

Excellent opener ‘Five Nana’ has a big personality, with ad libbed vocal sounds and blasting bass. Withering synths and careful breakdowns all build the tension, and the rude-boy male speech that then kicks in will be sure to ignite the floor.

His other original is ‘Kalidou’, another firing track with bristling hi hats and a sense of urgency that sweeps you off your feet. Weird vocal sounds bring the party element as laser synths and fat bass all add to the explosive effect.

First to remix is Hector Couto, a solid fixture of the tech house scene who turns out club hits on greats like Moon Harbour and his own Roush imprint. His tightly coiled and vital version of ‘Five Nana’ bobbles along on clipped bass stabs and with airy drum loops sucking you in.

Influential Argentine promoter and producer Lucien Le Grub then steps up with a rolling version of ‘Kalidou’ that is all about getting you into the groove and keeping you there as the hits and drums continue to pop off, much like the floor will when this one is dropped.

For some surefire dance floor dynamite, look no further than this latest from the ever excellent Yet!.

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YET Records’ new reference is here. After releasing Ray Okpara or Martin Eyerer’s projects, this artistic collective without prejudices or etiquettes and owner of an intercontinental music proposal, has decided to count on the German artist Sascha Dive for its new release. He’s back to the label after remixing Joey Daniel & Eder Alvarez on Yet004.The EP, named String Theory, will be released on 28th of January and has an original track in which the producer from Frankfurt proved his well known abilities in the studio. String Theory is a suggestive and illuminated track with an exceptionally warm rhythmic cadence and some captivating vocals. The EP is completed with a remix signed by two current usual faces on YET Records, Sergio Parrado & Chinonegro, who stamp on their version a more restless and playful character.

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The small but perfectly formed Yet Records return with a new single from Sergio Bennett & Coopdown that comes backed with a big remix from Piem.

The Spanish duo of Sergio Bennett & Coopdown are no strangers to the upper echelons of the Beatport charts thanks to many collaborative tracks on the likes of My Little Dog, Piston and Heavenly Bodies. They are brothers with a broad range of styles from indie dance to nu disco to all types of tech, and here go for a hard hitting house jam.

Their standout single ‘Dirty Money’ is all about big, bulky drums that have an infectious sense of roll and swing. They will get the floor’s attention and keep it with raw percussion and whirring synths, muffled vocals and a playful sense of party that keeps on delivering.

Catalan born Piem is at the heart of the current tech house landscape with his tunes on Knee Deep In Sound, VIVa Limited and Toolroom. His remix is a stripped back, whacked out number with metal drums and rolling snares all building tension throughout. It’s a tense, peak time track that explodes into life and will animate any club.

These are two no nonsense house anthems destined for big things.

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Yet Records continues to establish itself with another fantastic new EP, this time from Joey Daniel & Eder Alvarez with a remix from Germany’s master of the deep, Sascha Dive.

Amsterdam based Joey Daniel is a real force on the scene. He runs his own 300MPH nights, plays mega festivals like Awakenings, and has cooked up Beatport hits on labels like Material, Celesta and Memoria.

Here he links with similarly influential talent Eder Alvarez, a resident at Pacha Ibiza & El Patio, globe-trotting headliner and producer with support from the likes of Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin. Together they have a fresh sound that is utterly essential.Their brilliant Late Nights’ is an atmospheric house cut with a real sense of progression that builds towards a big peak. When it comes, the slippery drum breaks and icy percussion demand you move your body whilst sci-fi effects and synths add real charm to the groove.

Sascha Dive is the Deep Vibes Recordings boss and celebrated Frankfurt deep house talent. He remixes the track into something a little darker and more driving for those cosy back rooms. The rumbling synths and crisp hits really suck you in and take you along for the ride.

These are two terrifically tasteful tracks from the ever more vital YET Records.

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The young but essential YET Records welcome Kling Klong label boss Martin Eyerer for two terrific new tracks.

With a career spanning more than 25 years, Eyerer has done many laps of the globe as a DJ and put out innumerable releases on labels like Get Physical, My Favorite Robot, Culprit and more. He’s had gold albums in the UK, Top 3 hits on the US Billboard, and a studio full of gear that always results in fresh and innovative new tracks.

The opener here is ‘Point Zero, a superbly atmospheric Techno roller with supple drums that get you into the groove. Busy percussion adds bite and the whole thing is draped with busy melodies that bring a sci-fi feel. It’s sure to sweep up the whole club and take any set to the next level.

The excellent ‘Control E’ is a little more physical, with punchy, busy drums bristling beneath classic dub techno chords. Exuding real warmth, this is a soulful bit of techno that carries you away and really casts a spell.

Martin Eyerer might be a veteran of the scene, but this new EP proves he truly full of vital ideas.

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After a debut that made a real impact on the dance floor, YET Records is back with a strong follow-up release, this time from long time tech house champion Ray Okpara with considered remixes from Andre Butano and Jee Bear.

Okpara has Nigerian roots which always inform his percussive, loopy, infectious sound and helped make him one of the key artists to emerge from the Frankfurt and Mannheim scenes in Germany. Mobilee, Area Remote, 8-Bit and many others have put out his work, and in 2018 his It’s Ours party continues to be much loved round Europe.

The fresh original is ‘Violong’, a deep roaming track with an intoxicating and exotic lead synth line. The drums are chunky and smooth and the synth effects add real intrigue and occult charm to the groove as wailing vocals finish it off to soulful effect. A dub mix is also included and strips out the vocal to reveal more smart effects and alien sound designs that get deep in your brain.

Chile’s Andre Butano runs the Cachai Music imprint and is another vital tech house artist at home on key labels like 8Bit and Highgrade. His excellent remix toughens things up with stiff metallic hits and wonky bass. It makes for a track full of tension that really sweeps you up and keeps you on edge.

Last is Jee Bear, a rock drummer who grew up on psychedelia but switched to dance music in 2011. Now a key part of his local scene in the Dominican Republic, he runs his own Tanama Records and here flips the original into a more dreamy track with cosmic pads. It’s one with warm chords and a journeying bassline that will ramp up energy levels and take the floor ever higher.

This is another essential package of killer dance floor tracks from YET.

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Chinonegro hails from Peru and was deep in music production when he met Spanish born veteran and My Little Dog label boss Sergio Parrado. The pair hit it off with a shared love of similar sounds and soon got signed to labels like Lapsus Music, Brise and Escapism. Now one of the hottest production duos in Latin America, they cook up a huge house cut that arrives just in time for summer.

Entitled ‘My House’ it is a sweeping track with bold and arresting drums that immediately carry you away on the groove. Rattling percussion and brightly coloured synths all add to the experience and make this a classy and characterful main room house track with real soul.

Then comes the standout Adapter remix. He is an artist on labels like Hot Creations, Desolat and Get Physical and continues to rise through the ranks. His version completely flips the original into a more stripped back and moody house roller. The bass rumbles along and raw percussive energy builds the tension. When it drops the floor is sure to explode into action. This is a fantastic start to a new label that promises plenty.

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