Filipe Furão was born in 1980, he get’s very early involved with music by the influence of his parents passion.

With only 14 years old he creates his first bands in a Emo Core style. In 2002 almost by accident he starts his own experience with electronic music through Valentim de Carvalho where he had natural and free access to a new world. This blossoming interest became work. This work became investment and with the investment plus work plus interest the result appears, his own productions of electronic music.

In 2007 Jackspot began to work in co-production with other artist, «Internal Sync» (Manuel Calapez).

They’ve created and edited in labels like DATAPUNK, FORTEK and KLANG- GYMNASTIK witch with they were selected to become part of a “The Ministry of Sound” compilation.

This project was the creator of the opportunities to spread their work over the world, and the adventure begins…

In 2009 he starts and develop his own project: JACKSPOT

In a deep and housy way his work was edited by labels like HIGHGRADE, INTERNATIONAL FREAKSHOW and BRISE witch is his main label.

He keeped involved in coproduction, making new themes with HIMAN edited by FLASH of Florian Meindl

A short time after, Jackspot starts a new projcet called “Cisco Cisco” with his great friend Julio Maciel with themes already edited by APERSONAL selected by the GET PHYSICAL and DEFECTED.

At this moment JACKSPOT keeps himself at a full throttle in all his projects and he his also getting involved in a new project between techno and house called “Kind of People”.