Gianni Filippo Ruocco known in the middle as Dj Gianni Ruocco, begins his artistic life in 1995 as part of mini tks and house parties. In 1998 he began his career as a dj playing techno in homes and garages, in this year he became involved with the tribal genre and began his life of musical production with his first track called Tribumba classified in the line of tribal house, then in the In 2000 he began to play in the pink zone of Bogota in a club called Insomnia which opened the doors to several clubs in the area such as Gotica, Bless, Bar C, etc. As time passed, he was called to be part of the closing of the festival Summer in Bogota in 2002 and his performance and technique was accompanied by two greats of the scene such as DJ Plastik and Dj Chiki from Inducana. In 2005 he expanded to cities such as Villavicencio, Ibague, Tunja, Medellin, spreading his genres of Tribal, House and Techno, after this boom in his career outside the capital he was related to the Hardtechno genre and his DJ career. a total turnaround to be part of the underground environment in the central area of ​​the capital organizing parties next to dj Chrissdeck with whom they decided to found the Uranobeat Organization, which was characterized by opening the doors to new talents and giving them the opportunity to know, in 2006 his performance expands and he is positioned to be part of the Warehouse Organization parties whose event venues were still in the underground environment such as the old siam.His position in 2007 changes genre again because it begins to To be part of Metropolis Club in the north of the capital with sounds between electro and house, Dj gianni ruocco gets so involved with the club that he decides to continue with his line to electro and thus be part of the resident dj’s. Gianni Ruocco in 2008 began his career as an entrepreneur in the electronic medium, involving the uranobeat brand with the visit of international artists such as Ferry Corsten, Mike Harrington, Sharam, Rino Cerrone, Christian Smith, The H2O Project among others. Obviously he does not stop losing energy at the mixing tables and apart from getting involved in the business environment he brings his touches to some events of this level of international stature. To end in 2009, he created Urbanbeat Fest, which is a thematic party held monthly where it covers more than 2000 people in two electronic environments. The thought that recognizes it in the middle is honesty and rectitude in all business or friendship.