“Chinonegro” is how Jorge is known in his neighborhood, located in the City of Chiclayo (Perú), his nickname is drifted by the mixing of races he owns, this was the reason whereby he decided to use it as his artistic name.

From the early age of 18, he gets involved in the electronic music world, but especially in music production. It is after a summer where he worked hard that he achieved to have a mini studio where he spend twelve hours a day composing music. It is amazing the natural talent this guy has.

During this period he signs for different labels, this helped him to grow musically in his country, but it wasn’t until 2015 during a Sergio Parrado tour in South America, that everything started to change. They met and saw the similarity in their music, so they decided to give it a try in the studio. The connection was so good, that immediately they signed with “Lapsus music”. After this, they collaborated making originals and remixes for Brise and Escapism and currently they are preparing several EPS for big labels.

In parallel to the collaboration with Sergio, he is also working with Cris Ocaña which is one of the best Chilean’s artists and with which he signs for Stereo Productions.

Now YET! focuses on this big talent, which we know is one of the Latin-American artists with more projection and future for the next decade.

“Chino” is groove and “Negro” is dance and everything together is explosive!