Augusto Gagliardi was born in San Luis, Argentina in the year 1993. Being a DJ himself, Augusto’s father exposed him to electronic music beginning early on in his childhood. By age 13, Augusto was playing shows and working gigs as a DJ at two clubs in his hometown of San Luis, named La Quinta and Aquabarra. After graduating from secondary school in 2012, he moved to the capital city of Buenos Aires to study in the Escuela de Musica de Buenos Aires (EMBA), where he earned a degree in Electronic Music Production followed by a second degree in Sound and Recording. Throughout his time as a student, Augusto began getting immersed in the local electronic music scene of Buenos Aires, while also admiring renowned artists such as Mathias Kaden, Chemical Brothers and Underworld among others. Determined to continue improving his skills as an artist and a producer, he completed additional coursework at ARJAUS, a music school developed and supported by major artists within the local electronic scene of Buenos Aires. During this time, he shared the stage with other artists in the BA scene including Yamil, Matias Sundblad, Mariano Trocca, Zuker, Diego Cid, Lolu Menayed, Manu Desrets, Carlos Alfonsin, Gluck, and Gruuve. As he continued to emerge in the Buenos Aires scene, Augusto was invited to play sets at some of the city’s most frequented clubs and electronic music venues, including Crobar, Jet, Vita, Shamrock, Club 69, and Bahrein, as well as venues outside the capital and the country such as Pueblo Limite (Villa Gesell), Boutique (Pinamar), Puerto Juarez (Concordia), La Frontera (Puerto Madryn), Hollywood (Milano) and Amnesia (Milano). In August of 2015, he released his first EP following which he continued to sign more than 150 additional singles for release on other record labels throughout the world. In addition to playing clubs and private parties in the local scene, Augusto worked in ARJAUS as an instructor, teaching courses in “Introduction to professional dj (Traktor Pro)» and «Dj with CDJ PIONEER (Nexus + RMX 1000)». He also manages his own electronic music label, Outsiders Records, that he founded in 2017 in cooperation with other local artists and former classmates from his time as a student at EMBA. Presently Augusto’s tracks “Lakes, Rainy Day and Camomilla” reached the #1 spot on Traxsource’s charts for Minimal and Nu-Jazz. Honoring his hard work in the studio and re-energizing his drive to keep pressing out tracks in 2022.