Aske Izan is an emerging talent from Villa Gesell, coast of Argentina, with a focus on deep house and progressive music. He is a musician, producer, DJ and co-founder of the @Outsiders-Records label that began in Buenos Aires and promotes innovative deep house music.

— » As the word itself indicates, Aske izan means «to be free» in basque and I think at certain point music and art, in general, revolves around that, to feel free to express or transmit something without having limits.

That’s why I’m constantly searching for new horizons and I would like everyone to be part of that path » —

His talent and love for playing the drums date back to his early child years, and eventually led him to be a member of several bands before breaking into the world of electronic music. Taking inspiration from Daft Punk, Aske forged his path as a producer beginning with FL Studio and moving into Ableton Live.

Currently, he is a member of the Arjaus Academy team of trainers.

In addition, his music can be found on labels such as Deepalma Records [Top1 Traxsource 2019 #minimal], Erased tapes, Suprematic, simplexia records, Oh so coy, Piston recordings, Whoyostro, Play groove records, dream culture & many more labels.