Born and raised in the Istmus of Panama, Carlos Barbero is one of the young and promising talents of the

Central American region. Carlos received support early on from the K.E.E.N.E. brothers and Gio Vellojin, who launched him onto the scene with their famous Late Night Music series, arguably one of the most important deep/house/techno music movements and festivals in the country. Surrounded by the most

influential DJs on the local scene, he climbed rapidly and has shared the stage with top artists of the industry such as: Minco, Marco Resmann, Anja Schneider, Yulia Niko, Re.You, Oliver Koletzki, Adrian Hour, to mention a few.

From an early age Carlos has had a great love for music, his interest drove him to teach himself how to play guitar, piano and ukelele. This passion continues to drive his strong work ethic, essential for success

in today’s industry. He spent his teenage years developing his talent while submerged in his home studio and gaining experience on the dance floor. Carlos connects with the crowd quickly, reads the room and utilizes his empathy and understanding of music to provide an energetic deep melodic house set.

As a producer he enjoys mixing elements from groovy house, melodic techno and the afro caribbean roots of his own country to create a unique sound. With deep base lines and catchy melodies, his music will be humming in your head for days. Carlos already has confirmed releases in Connected Frontline, Natura Viva, Still Vor Talent, and Dear Deer. Keep an eye on this young artist, this is just the beginning.